Friday, July 25, 2008

PM's in waiting..

true courage n great leadership of Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

for the sake of rakyat not himself.all those bla..bla..bla..etc., Dato' Seri stayed strong n kept going as long as its good 4 the rakyat.he's a true leader.the people leader or may i say the rakyat leader.ask 4 all those hypocrite n ignorant 1,just open up you're eyes n see the wrong doings of the gov right now that cost us as the rakyat 2 suffers.we as the rakyat dh bosan of all's the economy n things we have to cover when our money should'nt have been over-spended as a result of the gov failures of organizing or manages the wealthy of the country.dgn kata mudah, kita ni ibaratnya tuan rumah.belakang rmh kita ada segalanya.ladang ayam,lembu,kambing,sayuran,ikan etc.kita ada orang gaji.bila makan mlm kita harapkn mknn yg d hidangkn utk kita yg sedap2 n enak2 krn semuanya kita org gaji kita cuma sediakn kita ikan kering je.mana prgi ayam panggang,daging2,ikan goreng,sayur2 etc,etc gaji kita kata dia jual pd org kt bandar.katanya banyk bila tnya mana untungnya dia kata ada tp cicir kt jln see..inilh yg jd pd kita.we as the rakyat tk nk tau all's the bla2 this n that tu.apa yg kita tau kita ada smua 2 and its supposed 2 b bring on the table as it should.simple as that.cut the crap!, all those this n that.nowadays the people ramai dh celik.sometimes when it comes to politics,watching n reading the local news makes us sick az it only backing up one sided 2 the gov of coz.need 2 be fair but don't misunderstood us.kita bukanya anti the gov but the current gov itself clearly not bein' good enough 2 the rakyat in many things n such many ways.for exple not being truthfulness n transparent is some of it.all's the corruption n uses their post 2 get more money from ours just an add up 2 that.projek 10mil jd 15mil.5mil dh hilang atas angin sdangkn keuntungan dh ada pn dlm 10mil tu.nilh antara yg buat kita smua makin merana.duit bnyk lari.remember, good gov is good governance.always ensure n,protecting the peoples interest is a must.its a fact not a choice.least as the result of last election back then in march,the gov should've taken better step in bringing back n convince the rakyat.but till now we're all see like it seems that its not going 2 happen in days 2 come or anytime soon.but i would like to remind them that they should always remember this, whatever things, the people comes first.n thats what is always Dato' Seri Anwar's been doing back then up to date.he's the right person who speaks 4 us as the rakyat,truly2 capable n definitely the real PM's in waiting.
this is my point of view n i'm sure many of you out there aggreed with me as well.n by saying that for those who aggrees with me,i'm proud to say that we are all the real proud "Rakyat Malaysia".
If the Gov fails, people must act
NOTE: as we all know that the oil prices went up high few mths back.but many did'nt realized that the question is.., should'nt we 've making more money as a result of that instead of getting poor n worsen as day's went by.but the gov says it all..
by aminulrashid hj. arshad (my lvly hsbn) 2008

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Ninie said...

Reformasi...hihi..DSAI ni my idol..

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